Free Yoga for Every Body

The word “yoga” comes from an ancient Sanskrit word meaning union.

To help bring people across a community together, classes are free to all.

Please enjoy a selection of our great live-stream classes on Zoom. To ensure easy access, register with the same e-mail address you use for your Zoom account.

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Location: Live-stream, Day: Every Monday, Time: 6:30 pm, Instructor: Keralee
Location: Live-stream, Day: Every Tuesday, Time: 5:30 pm, Instructor: Beth
Location: Live-stream, Day: Every Wednesday, Time: 5:30 pm, Instructor: Scott
Location: Live-stream, Day: Every Saturday, Time: 10:00 am, Instuctor: Amanda
Location: Live-stream, Day: Every Sunday, Time: 10:00 am, Instuctor: Tarah

Location: Morse Beach Green Space, Class will resume May 2021
Location: Winnemac Park, Class will resume May 2021
Location: Vagabond School of the Arts, Class Temporarily Suspended
Location: Waldorf School, Class Temporarily Suspended
Location: Heartland Health, Class Temporarily Suspended
Location: Roycemore School, Class Temporarily Suspended
Location: Loyola Beach (7032 north), Class Temporarily Suspended
Location: Cultural Center, Class Temporarily Suspended
Location: Ravenswood Health Center, Class Temporarily Suspended
Location: Yoga Tree, Day: Every Sunday, Class Temporarily Suspended

Upcoming Classes

Yin/Yang Yoga Wednesday 5:30 PM

To mix it up a bit, this class is a combination of Yin and Yang yoga. The first 25 minutes will be a seated Yang flow to open the entire body; this is my go to practice when I only have 20-30 minutes. The remainder of class will be Yin. The primary difference is the energy. The seated Yang poses will be somewhat more energetic before moving into more passive Yin poses that are held for much longer. Should be fun. Register in advance for this class by clicking the following link at lease 5 minutes before class is scheduled to begin: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the class. This class was made possible, in part, through the generous donation of Polly S. You may donate to PYP at Donations are tax deductible.

Available Spots: 40 remaining out of 50
Date: Wednesday, January 27th, 2021
Time: 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Instructor: Scott Kinsloe
Level: beginner to intermediate

spots left
beginner to intermediate