Kaitlin Tyrrill

I found my way to yoga 12 years ago as a stressed out college student. After my first class at a college gym, I realized that this thoughtful and compassionate way of moving the body and connecting with the breath helped ease some of my anxiety. This made me curious enough to continue seeking out classes. As I moved from Chicago to New Orleans to New York, I was further influenced by some remarkable teachers and yoga communities which have encouraged me to deepen my practice in both a physical and spiritual way. After being a consistent practitioner for years now, I decided to finally invest in my 200 hour teacher training in order to hone the skills needed to safely bring the transformative power of yoga to others. As a middle and high school teacher, I have been able to teach yoga and mindfulness to students in classrooms and club settings. I have also taught in the homes of family and friends, at Nature Yoga Sanctuary for my peers, and virtually for a wider community. I teach a hatha flow class in a way that is accessible to all. I particularly enjoy teaching beginners who have been convinced that yoga is not for them, perhaps due to body shape or size, or a discomfort with quieting the mind and going inward. My purpose in teaching is to help people see the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of body and breath awareness, while honoring where they are in their bodies and minds at the time. I am happy to teach in gyms and unconventional spaces as I believe that yoga should be made accessible to everyone. I hope to co-create a safe, welcoming, and supportive space with students wherever we can.