Keralee Gueneviere

Keralee is certified in Sivananda Hatha yoga and Vinyasa flow through the School Yoga Institute in Nicaragua and in Hridaya yoga and meditation through Hridaya Yoga and Meditation school, Mazunte, Mexico. She has taught fitness and yoga at the YMCA, on the shores of Lake Michigan and throughout Chicago since 2007 and is the founder of Wild Mind Yoga Retreats ™

What students are saying about Keralee's Classes

Keralee teaches a fun and inspiring Vinyasa flow class. This light-hearted yet challenging class gives all participants an opportunity to exercise their mind and body while singing together!

Keralee is a fun and exuberant yoga teacher who is friendly and meditative; she'll nudge you to do more but also respect you to pull back. All ages enjoy her class.
Tom B

Keralee is a very skilled teacher trained under a few different yoga traditions. Her "party pack" classes have something for everyone. More importantly, she is a very welcoming person and makes everyone feel at home in her classes. You will leave feeling better than when you arrived, emotionally, physically and spiritually!
Annette O