Scott’s Classes

I really enjoy your classes, not only the movement, but any instruction you add. I am afraid not everybody absorbs what you try to convey but this is part of what Daoists call: the Dusty World. Please keep teaching your way.
Thank you for your effort it is appreciated, everybody is in your class because of the teacher: you. Jacquie M

Such a great class!!! I left feeling 100% better, felt better about myself and even have better posture...you are a great teacher!
Jeanne G

Thanks so very much for your Yoga class last night! It was my first time attending ~ the class was special and enjoyable and just what I needed after working all day. Your Saturday class sounds great too!
Joan S

I have attended a few of your classes and truly love the way you teach and heal through Yoga.
Erin G

I thank you for your excellent teaching, your concise instructions and your calmness.
Evelyn T

Your class is such a joy and I always look forward to practicing.
Amelia T

Awesome Class! So thankful and grateful for you and your passion and dedication to teaching us!
Joanna C

Thank you for an excellent yoga class yesterday. I will definitely be back! I appreciated the topic. I felt very serene afterwards.
Pam S

I attended the last two Yoga classes and enjoyed both immensely.
Mary M

I heard about your awesome yoga classes through a friend.
Megan C

I’m a fan of your class!
Katherine A

I so enjoy even just getting your wisdom-filled announcements for Saturday sessions. I just felt like I did a bit of yoga just reading it :-) Namaste~
Maria C

Beth’s Classes

Sunday morning yoga with Beth stretches your limbs, your mind, as well as your weekend. There is a special peace and calmness that comes with practicing yoga at this time.
Connie S

Beth is a wonderful yoga instructor caring for all her students. She uses several modalities to accommodate her students to their individual abilities. She reminds you relax with her soft-spoken voice showing you how to do varieties of poses in a very clear instruction. She is simply an excellent instructor.
Mojgan M

Beth is a wonderful person. I enjoy her class as it is so beneficial to my mind, body and SOUL. I always look forward to attending
Michael B

Peggy’s Classes

Love this class and look forward to it every week. The stretches and balance postures are wonderful.
Diane C

Peggy, you are the best instructor for me! The class is the best! I hope to keep you forever!
Marilyn J

Wonderful teacher who pays attention to the class’ needs. Great personality.
Mary Louise D

Excellent healing class. Peggy, you are one of the best!
Suluki T

Excellent class. Best form the Best!
Elena O

Amanda's Classes

I've been going to Amanda's class this year and I love how she offers several options for every move we do.
It makes everyone feel comfortable no matter what their experience level or ability is! Going to her class weekly has helped me build strength and flexibility, while also giving me a chance to destress and relax at the end of a long day. It's the best way to end my Thursday!
Shannon H

Amanda has a wonderful ability to adapt the class to the people that are actually in the room as opposed to delivering preconceived or rote asana sequences. She is a warm and inclusive teacher.
Angella Allyn

Keralee's Classes

Keralee teaches a fun and inspiring Vinyasa flow class. This light-hearted yet challenging class gives all participants an opportunity to exercise their mind and body while singing together!

Keralee is a fun and exuberant yoga teacher who is friendly and meditative; she'll nudge you to do more but also respect you to pull back. All ages enjoy her class.
Tom B

Keralee is a very skilled teacher trained under a few different yoga traditions. Her "party pack" classes have something for everyone. More importantly, she is a very welcoming person and makes everyone feel at home in her classes. You will leave feeling better than when you arrived, emotionally, physically and spiritually!
Annette O

Maggie's Classes

When I first left Maggie‘s class I felt centered and calm. Then, as I walked through the rest of my Saturday, that feeling remained plus I had an awareness of feeling taller. The class decompressed my spine. My core was supporting my torso effortlessly. I loved having Maggie’s soothing voice and the beautiful background music lead me to this outcome!
Becky K

Tarahs's Classes

Under what students are saying about Tarah's class: Tarah is a friendly and energetic yoga instructor who beams happiness and positivity. Her class is great for any level as she is always sensitive to each person and their level of practice. Her adjustments and essential oils bring into the class a greater experience that activates all the senses. You feel centered and revitalized with Tarah.
Tom B