Scott’s Classes

I really enjoy your classes, not only the movement, but any instruction you add. I am afraid not everybody absorbs what you try to convey but this is part of what Daoists call: the Dusty World. Please keep teaching your way.
Thank you for your effort it is appreciated, everybody is in your class because of the teacher: you. Jacquie M

Such a great class!!! I left feeling 100% better, felt better about myself and even have better posture...you are a great teacher!
Jeanne G

Thanks so very much for your Yoga class last night! It was my first time attending ~ the class was special and enjoyable and just what I needed after working all day. Your Saturday class sounds great too!
Joan S

I have attended a few of your classes and truly love the way you teach and heal through Yoga.
Erin G

I thank you for your excellent teaching, your concise instructions and your calmness.
Evelyn T

Your class is such a joy and I always look forward to practicing.
Amelia T

Awesome Class! So thankful and grateful for you and your passion and dedication to teaching us!
Joanna C

Thank you for an excellent yoga class yesterday. I will definitely be back! I appreciated the topic. I felt very serene afterwards.
Pam S

I attended the last two Yoga classes and enjoyed both immensely.
Mary M

I heard about your awesome yoga classes through a friend.
Megan C

I’m a fan of your class!
Katherine A

I so enjoy even just getting your wisdom-filled announcements for Saturday sessions. I just felt like I did a bit of yoga just reading it :-) Namaste~
Maria C

Beth’s Classes

Sunday morning yoga with Beth stretches your limbs, your mind, as well as your weekend. There is a special peace and calmness that comes with practicing yoga at this time.
Connie S

Beth is a wonderful yoga instructor caring for all her students. She uses several modalities to accommodate her students to their individual abilities. She reminds you relax with her soft-spoken voice showing you how to do varieties of poses in a very clear instruction. She is simply an excellent instructor.
Mojgan M

Beth is a wonderful person. I enjoy her class as it is so beneficial to my mind, body and SOUL. I always look forward to attending
Michael B

Peggy’s Classes

Love this class and look forward to it every week. The stretches and balance postures are wonderful.
Diane C

Peggy, you are the best instructor for me! The class is the best! I hope to keep you forever!
Marilyn J

Wonderful teacher who pays attention to the class’ needs. Great personality.
Mary Louise D

Excellent healing class. Peggy, you are one of the best!
Suluki T

Excellent class. Best form the Best!
Elena O

Cat’s Classes

I think that Kat is a natural teacher who has ease with adapting the class to all capabilities. She is clear and concise in her instructions. She also made all of us feel engaged and able. I would relish the opportunity to continue to learn under her tutoring!
Rebecca K

I love Cat's classes because they always challenge me but I don't realize it until the class is over!
Betsy S